Beautytrend FW2011: Roaring Red

Nothing’s more sexy, feminine and powerful than a woman with beautiful red lips and the designers know it.

The classic red lipstick is a huge trend this season. Between all the nude looks, we saw many pouts in different shades of red: rust, raspberry, cherry, scarlet, burgundy, carmine, fuchsia, wine and ultra pared- down red.  And from very shimmery to really matte.

There’s a lot to choose from, but finding the right one is not so easy.  It’s always good to pick one that matches your hair color and skin tone.  If you have a lighter skin tone, go for a red with a blue (cold) undertone, like fire red. When you have a darker skin, the orange- based (warm) shades will do well on you, like burgundy or deep red. Check out the photo’s to see all the different options…

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