LAB-shows AFW FW2013 Day 3

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The two young LAB-designers who showed on Saturday, the third day of Amtserdam Fashion Week, were Domenico Cioffi and Jivika Biervliet. Both presented a collection with focus at silhouette  and fabric. Black and white were the main colors, with turkoise as a bright accent.

AFW FW2012 LAB-show: Jivika Biervliet & Sarena Huizinga

Today it’s not only about the big boys in fashion, but also about celebrating new talent. And that’s what the LAB- shows are for, where new and young designers get a chance to show their talent and introduce themselves and their work to the big audience.  The first two designers to kick off the day were Sarena Huizinga and Jivika Biervliet.

Jivika Biervliet
As a young student she had no clue about once becoming a fashion designer. And look where she is today, showing her collection for the first time to a big crowd. And she’s more proud than ever. ‘This collection really feels as my very own.’ Graduated as a menswear designer at the Utrecht School of Arts in 2010, she worked herself up as a true fashion designer exploring menswear in every aspect. ‘Designers seem to be more cautious designing for men. But in my work I just really want to push the limits a bit.’

Today she showed her collection called Forever Young, which was about the child inside of us that will live forever. The theme resulted in soft colors and big and playful elements, like jackets covered all over with stuffed, fluffy hearts and a shirt with such a long sleeve you could skip with it. She also used the most gentle and warm fabrics like wool, fleece and faux fur that made remind you of the good things of childhood.

Sarena Huizinga
Graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague in 2008 with a great collection, Sarena Huizinga showed already the great potential she has.  The last few years she developed herself as a true knitwear specialist, well known for her high quality knitwear characterized by the industrial seamless knitwear combined with traditional handcraft. Something she has not only discovered and learned at school, but also from her mother. ‘My mum used to knit a lot and it made me really curious. What I like about knitwear is that you can really explore and develop the competence. It’s not only about structure and color, but also trying out different seamless shapes.’

She already showed once before at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, during the 2008 Lichting- show, and now she’s up for the second time. Her current collection is called Wickedland, inspired by soft toys like dolls and stuffed animals and used these playful elements in her designs. Like marching-girls wearing bunny ears on their caps or an alpaca dress revised with thick woolen ruffles, inspired by a Spanish doll she once got. Not wanting the collection being too sweet, she added some leather details to give it some edge. There was even a small surprise during the show: a little kid walked down the runway in the cutest little knitwear suit with little bunny ears on his head.

by Eva Dusch