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Sure we love the fact that we’re finally able to rock our faux furs, teddies and lammies. But try cycling the city for a bit in this bloody winter cold! A ride that asks for multiple layers, a scarf, a beanie and a pair of good old gloves. Let’s cover up! A pair of black leather gloves comes in handy and will surely help you through the winter. And why not try a pair of (knitted or faux fur) mittens for a change? Burgundy gloves seem to be a good match with just about any f/w outfit. A pair of fingerless gloves will make sure you’re still able to operate your smartphone. And if these options don’t suit your taste (or you’ve lost one of your gloves like we do all the time) just opt for some ultra long sleeves (another big trend this season) like Linda Tol in our gallery above and you’re good to go.

Trend Report – Warm Winter Accessories

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Unfortunately a warm camel coat is not enough to keep you warm this winter. You’re gonna need some winter proof accessories to go with that too. We selected the best warm winter accessories straight from the catwalk:

  • A knitted scarf, the thickest one you can get.
  • A pair of long leather gloves.  According to Gstar, Carolina Herrera and Moschino the best ones are blue this season, but you can choose any color you like. Just take a colorful risk and try to have fun with it.
  • A nice fur detail, perhaps on your collar, bag or shoes.
  • A hat, cap, turban (very trendy) or headband, anything that keeps your head warm and prevents your ears from freezing off.
  • A pair of hairy snow boots (you don’t wanna ruin your suede heels).

The rule for wearing these accessories seems to be: the bigger the better. Especially Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Galliano went over the top with their enormous hats and overload of fur.