Summer Streetwear Trend 2017: A whole lotta dress

June 7, 2017 by  
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Just about anything Alessandro Michele has sent out on his Gucci runway has become a hit in the last few years. The loafers, the nerdy glasses, the pleated skirts, the bow tie blouses and the berets. Next it-item introduced by the Gucci God is the costume dress. Of course many of the clothes from his latest show appeared to be coming straight off of a theater’s styling rack, but these dresses overruled everything. First time we took a good look at them they even seemed too dressed up, costume-y, perhaps a little ridiculous? Yet, as it goes with fashion, give a fresh idea a month or six and we’re all head over heals with it. So it was only a matter of time before we were all craving these over the top dresses. And now we don’t even know how we ever survived without them. Clicking through our gallery above you must admit these highly comfortable dresses are the most effortless way of going all out. A showstopper look guaranteed and you can still eat, drink, walk and do a little fashion dance. So there you go, a maxi ruffled dress up on your wishlist. And don’t be shy. Opt for color, print and a little extra sum sum while you’re at it. More is more in Michele’s world.