BEAUTY TREND SS2016: (L)ashes to (l)ashes

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Audrey Hepburn once said: ‘For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others.’ We can’t disagree on that one for sure, but this summer a good pair of eyes also stands her ground by some fake ol’ lashes. This season we were introduced to the spidery long false lashes (did they ever actually leave the fashion scene anyway?!). Make it big, exaggerated and doll-like seems to be the message from several designers. Make those eyes pop out like never before.

Marni showed clusters of lashes both applied to the lower and upper lash lines for a doll-like effect. Although XXL, it was still sophisticated in some way. And of course there was makeup wonderwoman Pat McGrath to take on the Louis Vuitton models with a pair of heavy futuristic false lashes. Like Japanese cartoon style but in a modern way. And Giorgio Armani took the gentle way, for a little bit more romance. I hear you thinking: yeah right, like I got time for that in the morning? You hear the clock ticking and your mascara is most times a 1-minute fix (or an actual catastrophe). You have clumps and lumps in your lashes and it’s all over your face even before you enter the office. Great! Well, actually it is great, because that’s exactly where you’re heading towards. Make sure you first use lengthening mascara and afterwards a volume mascara. And make it thick, black and playful. And use fake lashes like you never did before. What else can we say: wave those lashes, baby.

Rick Owens Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2011

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Like all Rick Owens’ collections the one he presented for fall was edgy and dark. It started off with long black coats, zipper boots and black leather coats, skirts and pants. Yet the designer did also portray a slightly softer side of himself showing light grey colored woolen coats combined with light brown boots.
As you’d expect form a Rick Owens collection there were a lot of asymmetrical looks as well as many layering and draping. The designer played with different textures too.
Suit jackets were elongated into orginal new coats and the skirt definitely is one of Rick’s musthave items for next year.Yet tough some items had a very feminine twist, Rick Owens’ models still pulled off a very masculine look (and some crazy hairdo’s).
The men’s skirt still isn’t very common but with a little more help from Owens it might just become a huge hit one day.