Trends ss2010: the men’s skirt

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The men’s skirt has been all over the news lately. Maybe because fashion brand H&M recently introduced a men’s skirt for their spring/summer collection 2010. And usually when H&M comes up with a trend it is picked up by many followers.

Of course H&M is not the first brand to introduce the men’s skirt. We’ve seen this fashion item on the runway for years. One true lover and wearer of skirts is designer  Marc Jacobs, who takes his bows most of the time dressed in a kilt.

This year there were some skirts in the menswear collections as well. At Thom Browne we spotted an ultra short version, at the show of Jean Paul Gaultier (one of the first designers with skirts for men)  the skirts were much longer. Rick Owens’ models wore multiple layers, one of those layers being the skirt. Other brands which had skirts in their collection were John Galliano, Francisco van Benthum and Kris van Assche.

We’re very curious if the skirt will become the trend for men in 2010.


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  1. strikemaster says:

    I don’t know if this trend will catch on in 2010, men simply don’t know they can wear skirted garment. There are some reasons that skirts are better for men than trousers. Trousers causes overheating of our testicles (which must be kept in temperature 2 to 4 Celsius lower than body), increases risk of testicular and prostate diseases (benign, cancers, infertility). Also trousers are traditional female garment (watch the ancient Asian tribes and Ancient Greece). Skirts are comfortable and healthy so it’s good time to return to men’s skirts.

    BTW do You know that kilt is a skirt and were worn in many ancient and medieval cultures long before appeared in Scotland?

  2. David says:

    I just joined the world of male – skirt – wearing TODAY! I have a skirt from MIDAS CLOTHING, and will soon order a kilt as well. To those guys and gals who laugh at this fashion trend, I have to say that it is a SIN to disrespect others! G-d does NOT like that! You are just as bad as the men who made fun of women wearing pants 50 years ago!

  3. ROKKIE says:


  4. mara says:

    If I am translating correct tht means “Who is showing kilt, showing Scotland; Who is showing skirt showing the rest of the world. Is that correct?

    “We’re very curious if the skirt will become the trend for men in 2010″= comment from above. I just want to know, WHY? Isn’t it just a topic for men? Do men criticizing women about new fashion style at all? Do women have any rights to tell men what they want to wear? Or shall we talk about true equality between sexes?
    I like more to talk about creativity, innovation, progressive and critical thinking, and we’ll have pretty fast a new solution: Men should wear skirts, because it’s comfortabel for their body-shape, provides more freedom and looks great – skirts have aesthetics, pants don’t have, just covering legs. That’s all.

    And…. is there one single reason on earth why men should not wear skirts? I want to know this reason, because I am looking for someone who can find it – after thinking pro’s and con’s.

    Skirts are unisex, and skirts for men have hundreds of names, because in other cultures men wearing skirts because they have culture and not just a stereotyped and uniformized picture how to look like in western societies.

  5. Martinus says:

    No, there is no reason that men can’t wear skirts, and they should do it. Be flexible in thinking, and open minded for new things to try. I am one of this (rebels) reformers who want to help to change – for good. And skirts are good for us,I can tell the difference.

  6. breanne says:

    Lot of people can’t understand the time now men wearing skirts and dresses. But I believe that those people can’t understand anything. Everyday we have to battle with round about 7,000 new things around us, including information. We take it, nobody says one word about, but when it comes to men’s clothing they wake up – in old dreams.
    We are writing 2010 and I can’t wait to see more new men’s fashion, finally alos skirted. Men, go for it.

  7. Robert says:

    I have seen now the various style that are going to be offered this spring by the fshion deigners. Some I like, some not. I have no aversion to the kilts, traditional or the utilikilt. They are basically the same, except for the tartan plaids. Style or conformity are about the same. Some of the designers are offering true skirts. These skirts are pleated or straight, A-line or pencil. The color choices could be improved, especially for the late spring and summer months here in America. Everyone knows that lighter colors reflect sunlight away while darker colors absorb it. I’m sure everyone has gotten into a dark automobile in mid-july, the heat takes your breath away. I still not convinced with the designers of dresses for men. This is mainly because of the design and fabric used by them. No man is going to wear something so sheer that it appears he has nothing to hide. These people need to get real. However, while I support skirts for men, not dresses, I think a reintroduction of dresses for boys would be okay. They wore them up until the 1940s. Even President Roosevelt wore one as a boy. I don’t think he was gay, only Eleanor would have known. I am not talking like some of those depict at or Robert Moore’s picasweb site. They would need to be updated to reflect todays society. The reason for this is because it would allow todays and tomorrows generations to accept these styles as mens and boys wear. Even if they just adopted the old roman and greek tunic styles. It would be a start. AS far as equality amongst the genders that would have to be seen as their are other issues with gender equality. It would be a step in the right direction though.

  8. ROKKIE says:

    Op de catwalk kun je ze niet kopen
    In de winkels wel als ze er al zijn
    dat is het probleem
    Nu zie je wel eens een verliefd koppeltje met dezelfde jeansbroek aan
    deze zomer kun je wel eens zien met dezelfde jeansrok
    t zou mooi zijn
    Ook oma en opa gerokt ??? Waarom niet ???

  9. John says:

    Would be handy if Rokkie (skirt) would write in English, but maybe something like this:
    On tha catwalk you can’t buy them,
    but in the shops you can if they are there
    that is the problem
    Now you do see lovers both in jeans,
    maybe this summer in the same demin skirt?
    Granddad and granma also skirted?? Why not??

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