The ABC of womenswear ss2012, part 8

Next spring will be a lively season, with lots of color, elegance and femininity. Good times are coming! Today part 8 of our ABC.

V is for VEGGIES

After Prada’s banana’s last spring and the pine-apples of Stella McCartney, the team of Dolce & Gabbana invited us to the Italian kitchen. They offered us eggplants, courgettes, hot peppers and onions in beautiful dresses, sexy baby-dolls and funny accessories. The stage of Moschino Cheap ‘n Chic was a fruit-market, and the collection was inspired by apples and strawberries. At least it adds color and fun to the clothes and from now on we look with a different eye to a simple Italian tablecloth 😉


W is for WHITE (dress)

Get that instant spring-feeling with a white outfit, and speaking of ss2012: a white dress. All leading designers, from Paris to New York, were unanimous: white is the perfect color to update your garderobe. From fluent dresses, pleated skirts and shirts to the strict, clean nurse-like dresses of Jil Sander and Celine.


X is for X-RAY

Although the collections are rather serious, feminine and not overtly sexy some designers try to balance too much strictness out via the use of see-through fabrics. Even Raf Simons plays with it in his collection for Jil Sander, he not only mixes different densities, but also takes see-through gingham-checks to cover up shorts and bra’s. And so did Marc Jacobs.  While Marni uses her nude-colored transparent underskirts to add an imperfect and playful touch.

To be continued.