Streetstyle Trend: Show some skin

Sexy and daring or subtle and sophisticated: transparent fabrics, we’ve seen them everywhere during the fashion weeks and now the fashion crowd is taking over. From see-through tops and blouses to chiffon dresses and long tulle skirts.

Transparent fabrics often have something delicate en soft, but the good thing is you can do everything with it to give it a whole different look, which results in many diverged and interesting looks on the street.  For instance Olivia Palermo. She knows how to nail a trend and always does it in her own elegant, lady-like way. Like this black dress. The little print on the sleeves make her look like a sexy, almost Italian woman.

But transparent doesn’t always need to be very chic. You can also go for a more cool downtown look, like the neon colored dress. The black bra en skirt underneath give it an even more edgy and playful feel to it. Or go like Giovanna Battaglia for a sporty dress, like the one from Ohne Titel.

Off course there is only one person who rocks this trend on full force: Anna Dello Russo. As you can see  she is wearing a beautiful Stella McCartney dress, which reveals almost half of her body.  She’s definitely not afraid to show some skin.

(Eva Dusch)

Dutch Fashion Awards 2011 – Front Row

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The crème de la crème of the Dutch fashionscene was present at the Dutch Fashion Awards on Friday. Check out who were sitting front row at the award show, you might even spot some brand new Vogue NL editors while you’re at it!

Dutch Fashion Awards 2011 – Party

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After every single Dutch fashion award was handed out the fashion crowd enjoyed a fashionable drink and chitchatted till midnight.
Wanna see who were there and how they were dressed? Check out our gallery of party pics.


Dutch Fashion Awards 2011 – The Arrivals

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On Friday 4 November night the whole Dutch fashion scene gathered at the Grote Kerk in The Hague. Everyone was dressed to impress for the Dutch Fashion Award ceremony following the dresscode of the night: black tie. It was a parade of black tuxedo’s, long evening gowns, high heels and a mix of some outstanding colorful creations. Wanna see how that looked like? Check out the guests of the Dutch Fashion Awards 2011 in the image gallery below.

Dutch Fashion Awards 2011 (part 2)

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In half an hour the very first guests will arrive and the award show can start. We already spoke to the designers backstage, who all seem to be pretty nervous. Apparently the international judges gave them a hard time during their presentations. But let’s see that as a good sign, ‘ cause those Dutch Fashion Awards are not just handed out for fun, right?

Below you can find a preview of all the collections of the five Dutch designers.

Hyun Yeu, Ado Les Scents

Korean born and raised designer Hyun Yeu is, despite his first nomination, not nervous at all today. ,,Now it’s just waiting for the moment. I’m not really worrying, it comes when it comes.“ He might seem relaxed, but the designer is definitely aware of the other opponents. ,,It’s a presteges award and there are some strong designers nominated. But we’ll see what happens.” Tonight Yeu will show us what he has made so far for his menswear label ‘Ado les scent’, five years of Hyun Yeu, and a sneekpeak of his new collection for next season. He already showed the judges. ,,I had a tough time, they had some good points. I’m still learning.” Yet despite the critics, he’s still positive about tonight. ,,I’m just enjoying the moment.”

Joline Jolink

This year it’s different. I’m feeling more confident now”, tells nominee Joline Jolink, while she’s working backstage. For the second time the designer is nominated for a Dutch Fashion Award, and she feels great. ,,I have a good businessplan and my collection has been growing.” Showing her collection in front of the judges today was still a tough moment though. ,,At that moment I was definitely shaking (laughs). They were quite harsh for me, I must admit.” Tonight Joline will show us her new collection inspired by Jane Goodall, an English antropologist, who lived in the jungle, which we can see in her collection. ,,You will see a lot of jungle details and some poppy colours and cloudy details, which stands for the haze.” After a few weeks of hard work Jolink is a bit tired of all the tension, but no worries there for tonight. ,,When the show starts I will probably get a huge energy boost.”

Marcha Hüskes

Her designs are all about functionality and fit. She designed a few little black dresses with some funky details in gold and orange. They look simple and minimalistic, yet never boring. Marcha: “I mostly designs dresses, cause I think they’re a neverending source of inspiration.”

Conny Groenewegen

Conny not only designed clothes, she came up with a fabulous collection of shoes as well. The shoes, shown on the runway tonight, will be sold at several Sacha stores in the Netherlands from the 5th of November. Quite an accomplishment, we think. Conny’s designs are, like she says, very pure. She mixed sheer fabrics with heavy materials. But enough said, it’s showtime!

Erik Frenken, Avelon

While he’s busy getting his models ready for the rehearsal, there was still time to relax and laugh for Avelons Erik Frenken. ,,I’m feeling okay now. Showing the judges was a bit of a stressful moment, I mean, they’re not just somebody.” It was a tough moment standing there, he says. ,,At that moment you have to present your collection to so many people, it’s difficult to say everything right while you’re so stressed.” But Frenken is feeling confident and is not afraid to say he might win tonight. ,,About the award, we immediately tought: let’s do this. We’re at this point that we think we can make it internationally.” And what if he wins tonight… ,,There will be a huge party!” And what about the not so bad money prize attached to it? ,, Of course we will invest in our brand. For instance the interior of our shops. And we want to find a good PR- agency to promote our business.”

Dutch Fashion Awards 2011 (part 1)

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Tonight we celebrate Dutch Fashion with the Dutch Fashion Awards here in The Hague. The shows starts in almost one and a half our, and we can already feel the tension and excitement backstage. Everyone is working very hard now to make this evening a great success. Stylists, hairdressers, models, assistants and designers are running around to get everything and everyone ready in time. A final touch here, some little detail there. Everything needs to be perfect.

While a bunch of models are already getting dressed and practicing their walk, others are waiting and waiting, while listening to their favorite music, until it’s their turn to get dressed. And it’s looking good so far. We see some big, poofy hair and mysterious red lips. The rest you’ll find out soon…

(Eva Dusch)

Trend Report FW2011: Let’s Get Crazy! – Beauty

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Ladies, don’t try this at home! Unless you’re up for some kind of theme party, of course. ‘Cause these crazy beauty looks are best worn only on the runway.

Golden bags under your eyes (Gareth Pugh), highlighted strong brows (Frankie Morello), the nose of a Dalmation dog (Unique), some colorful confetti (Gray) or just  a big splash of red paint (Viktor & Rolf), these were the craziest make-up looks we spotted for fall/winter 2011/2012.

Check out the gallery & get inspired!

Trend Report FW2011: Chunky Chokers

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It can look kinda extreme, but if you mix a choker with the right kind of outfit, it will look stunning.

Now there are a couple of rules when wearing this neckpiece.
Unless you’re name is Anna dello Russo keep it subtle! A choker is already a strong statement piece so don’t choose the biggest one in the bunch.
Also, let the choker speak and don’t overshadow it by wearing an edgy outfit.
Wear a strapless top/dress or opt for a round neckline.
Leave your earrings and hairaccessories at home.
Never wear it too tight. You don’t wanna get out of breath.

Just look at some of the amazing examples Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors, Yves Saint Laurent and Ungaro set. You gotta love it!

Trend Report FW2011: Amazing Coats

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In winter time a good coat can be your very best friend. Rain, storm, snow or freezing cold; these comfy examples will get you through any kind of weather.

And it seems long and hairy is the way to go. Camel coats are over, it’s all about (fake) fur right now.

Also search for a jacket in which different textures are combined. Wool and leather, nylon and fur; it’s the mixture of fabrics that will make you(r coat) stand out.

Finally, if you bump into a structural coat, buy it! Accentuated shoulders, wide sleeves; this autumn it’s all about extreme forms and shapes.

Just look at the amazing coats Burberry, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Dries van Noten presented on the runway.

Trend Report FW2011: Minimalism 2.0

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The Blumarine show was all about two of last season’s trends: color blocking and minimalism. And lucky for the Italian brand both trends are still a hit this fall.

Though slightly different, the minimalism trend is again very popular.

Chloé and Celine, who started the trend at first, have headed into a new direction, yet Calvin Klein and Jil Sander continue on with the minimalism.

The trend is shown in a slightly different way with more combinations of fabrics and even a print every now and then. Shapes however are staying very plain and simple, like we saw this summer.

Check the minimalism interpretations of Lanvin, Valentino, Rick Owens and Costume National in the gallery below.


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