Alexander Wang Catwalk Fashion Show New York Womenswear FW2014

February 10, 2014 by  
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Alezander Wang presented an impressive collection, which started with the idea of extreme conditions and survival. To editors the designer mentioned National Geographic, the great outdoors, competitive sports and the urban landscape. He translated that into sporty silhouettes lavished with detail. Spare, seriously tailored tunics layered with sharp shirts provided a baseline look that Wang built out through the show. He added puffy utility pockets and then moved into a colorful, paisley foulard moment, before escalating the fabric development into knotted leather-and-tulle sweaters and fluorescent jerseys made of woven shoe-laces. The leather-work continued in interesting coats and tunics with raw-cut hems.
Accessories were designed like thematic toys: utility handbags with detachable compartments molded into shapes for a lighter, an iPhone, a Moleskine notebook and a flask. Two boot styles — one like a shin guard, one over-the-knee — were likened to shields. And the ultimate special effect: the finale of all-black outfits that turned colors — purple, green and blue — thanks to heat-sensitive fabric.

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