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Our third preview is about Bas Kosters, who will show his fall/winter 2012/2013 collection at the openings-night on Wednesday 25 January at 09.00 PM. He spoke with us about his brand new collection and the amazing show he is planning to hold.

The show
“During our fashion show we’re not only presenting a new collection. We are also launching the second edition of my own magazine Extrakak, a new song and a new video. Last year’s show was not your average fashion show, but for us it was a big success. We probably won’t be able to exceed that show, but we’re definitely trying to build a party just as big within the boundaries of the Amsterdam Fashion Week.”

“Like always we’re working on many different projects at once, yet it’s those extra projects, like making a magazine, that give me extra energy and get me inspired. So, although it’s quite busy at the moment I love doing such a variety of things. Besides, I have seven interns which can help me out to get everything done in time.”

“I am pretty confident everything will work out right and in time, so I am not really stressed. The days of working nights to finish off the collection are behind us. Now we just start working a little harder and longer several weeks before the show, so there’s less pressure. Yet we probably will still  work the weekend before the show.”

“We’re very excited to be part of the Amsterdam Fashion Week again. Especially since the ‘International’ has been left off and it’s more about the fashion than the event. I am also very glad Carlo is now on board. It’s thanks to Vodafone that we can participate. Otherwise we would probably not have showed during fashion week, since we’re trying to focus a bit more on the international market. Luckily Vodafone and us turned out to be great partners. They’re more than just the sponsor, so we’re already talking about doing more projects together.”

Best Part
“The great thing about holding a fashion show is experiencing the moment in which everything falls into place; it’s something magical every time. I also very much enjoy looking back on the photos and videos afterwards; it’s so rewarding. And we work with a fantastic team, great models, good make-up artist and very talented music producers so working with these people is already such a joy.”

“The theme of the new collection is called ‘1, 2, tree’ and has everything to do with the contrast between life in the city and the longing for nature. We try to combine those two in a visual and a conceptual way. For instance, we’ve created two monsters city versus nature. One is evil, impatient and arrogant, the other is sweet, loving and fragile. Those two metaphors will be visible in our new prints.”

“We worked with off-tones, black, deep-blue, but also with ‘non-colors’ like mustard and petrol. In the colors, as well as in the materials you will clearly see the contrast between city influences and nature. That’s all I can tell, the rest you will have to go and experience yourself!”

Photography Jeannette Huisman@Team Peter Stigter


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