MENSWEAR TREND ss2016: Yay to grey

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Experts say brown is going to have a moment in 2017. Yet before we go into that we explore the current color trend which focuses on grey. For SS2016 the biggest fashion labels sent out endless variations to suits and casual wear. Lots of checked grey suits and grey jerseys, but you can basically dress in grey everyday. Just take a look at how Bottega Veneta, Thom Brown, Burberry and Diesel worked grey into their summer collections. Thom Brown presented a full range of the most extravagantly printed grey suits. Even colorful Kenzo turned to the sober hue and of course Armani’s collection wouldn’t be complete without his greige. Whether formal or easy going, a Diesel hoodie or a Burberry scarf, concrete shaded or silverish; have it your way in grey.

WOMENSWEAR SS2016: Give the cold shoulder

Forget about the cropped top, by now it’s basically fashion road kill. But its substitute will kill it just as much. We’re talking the off-shoulder tops. There’s no doubt about it: shoulders are THE erogenous zone for this summer. They always look good and we don’t have to train them like our abs (thank god!). Just put some illuminating (tanning) lotion on your clavicles and anyone can pull of that supermodel-over-the-shoulder-look (or brush her shoulders off like Jay-Z).

The off-shoulder is not just a trend, but a real wardrobe essential. Ever since the 1840s fashion is characterised by low and sloping shoulders. But today’s version has it roots especially from the French riviera style. French icon Brigitte Bardot, who owned this look during the 1960s, wearing off-the-shoulder tops with everything from midi skirts to pants. And let’s not forget about Jane Birkin. A jeans and simple top never looked this good. It’s flirty and fun, all the while hiding your armpits (what else could you ask for?!) And it comes in many variations. From elegant strapless items to ruffled one-shouldered tops and dresses or tight cut-out pieces, there are plenty of ways to work this trend. Team it up with a cool pair of boyfriend jeans, culottes or suede A-line skirt for a grown-up 70s vibe. Here’s how to wear the key pieces.


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As much as it was a grande celebration of fashion outside the shows (have you seen our Paris streetstyle images yet?), we of course arrived in the city of love to soak up all of the latest designer collections. After having witnessed all the highs and the lows it is now time to recap. And as far as we can tell SS2017 is going to be a summer of practical style. Extra pockets, tiny bags that come in handy, boiler suits and trenchcoats; items that clearly serve a certain cause, make up for some of the biggest trends. How designers translated that into stylish yet effortless summer wear? You’re about to find out in our 7 SS2017 menswear trends recap.

One for your keys, one for your phone, one for your cash money, one for your notebook and one that fits your lip gloss; fact is you can never have enough extra pockets. You know it and Givenchy, Hermes and Moncler Gamme Bleu definitely know it. Next summer we love them big and up front. Who needs a handbag anymore?
Also seen at Dries van Noten and Louis Vuitton

Utilitarian or not; boiler suits are a thang for next year. No more outfit stress with this onepiece; this fashion item will take you anywhere you need to go. From grocery shopping to bar hopping. Balenciaga, Hermes and Louis Vuitton already showed you how. Shaggy or chic; hand in your pockets and just give it a try! Again: enough pockets, so leave your man bag at home.
Also seen at Walter van Beirendonck

Fendi, Balmain, Balenciaga are all joining a good game of power dressing for SS2017. Suit jackets you can live in with shoulders that reach the sky and overcoats that easily fit your partner in as well. We have to admit Balenciaga gave us some Frankenstein creeps at first, but after that oversize red velvet suit (that made us crave some red velvet cake) we got a hang of it. From tight tanktops to XL suits; next summer is all about extremes.

Streetwise and super safe; if you got your game on, you wear your tiny shoulder bag on your chest. The boys in the hood have been doing it for years and now Givenchy, Moncler Gamme Bleu and Louis Vuitton are picking it up too. Just make sure you have a casual flow to match your it bag and you’ll go from tourist freak to ghetto chic.

The trenchcoat. It’s the only coat you’d wanna wear during summertime. Of course keeping notice you prefer not wearing any coat in summer at all. It’s flattering, practical and timeless. And even though the trenchcoat has never really been gone, designers (the likes of Dior, Dries van Noten, Louis Vuitton are bringing back this trend big time now. In classic camel or exotically printed; the trench effect in full swing.
Also seen at Balmain, CDG, Margiela

Blending in is hot this season and it will still be one year from now. That is, if we follow up on Givenchy and Dries van Noten’s style advice. Both brands are bringing camouflage prints back to the table. Yet, the camo has certainly received an update. Mixed with other prints in the same color palette is the way to wear this army (war?) inspired print in twelve months. A camouflage mix, so to speak.

WOMENSWEAR SS2016: Bailamos!

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The ruffled off shoulder top is without a doubt the fashion piece most worn by fashion professionals. Just have a glance at your Instagram and you know what’s up. A top that perfectly fits in with the bigger latina style trend of this summer. Ruffles and volants all over. In the mix with sexy legs, cropped tops and long lengths. The colors of choice? Shades of red, pink and orange; colors that communicate passion. ‘Cause that’s what a Latina is all about. She speaks from the heart when she dresses up in that red skirt en white Tee (Blugirl). When she rocks that bright orange bodycon dress (Balmain) it’s pure passion. Latina bonita. A sexy open heel, flower in the hair and she’s out for night. Duele El Corazon by Enrique on repeat, bailamos!

Lanvin Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Menswear SS2017

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Please enjoy the pictures for now, our review will follow shortly.

Dior Homme Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Menswear SS2017

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The models zoomed through Dior Homme’s suspended roller-coaster set so swiftly that one would think they were on skateboards. Just when one thought athletic influences were running out of breath, Dior Homme gave them a second wind: from the stripes running over the sleeves of two-button jackets to the tracksuit chevrons painted with a roller onto suit and coat sleeves.
Designer Kris Van Assche also blended in references to punk, Goth and New Wave. Pants had utility pockets, D-rings or side stripes and assumed various guises: from skinny jeans to wide raver styles.

The designer also gave military bombers and blouses fresh verve, adding chevrons here, a striped polo collar there. Sleek trench coats came with the sleeves hacked off, or sprouting a parka tail with drawstrings.

Dries van Noten Catwalk Fashion Show Menswear Paris SS2017

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An imagined view from Kelmscott Manor – the country home of writer William Morris – on arts and crafts today was the theme of Dries van Notens SS2017 collection. That translated into romantic visuals based on photo prints of floral tapestry and tonal patchworks.

Belted trenchcoats and high-waisted full-length pants were familiar categories but still compelling ones. There was a whiff of soft military, too, as the prints gradually grew into camouflage patterns, as seen on cropped carrot pants and utility jackets.
Van Noten was at his best when he played with hybrid looks: Rendering tank tops as knitted sweaters minus the sleeves, or mixing panels of tapestry prints with metallic technical fabrics to produce sporty-cool jackets.

Givenchy Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Menswear SS2017

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The Givenchy menswear collection for SS2017 was a parade of military parkas in greenback prints that approximated camouflage. But Riccardo Tisci was thinking of something else: Spirituality, seeing with your third eye”, he told WWD. “Money sometimes makes us forget that.”
Tisci rigged his models for some kind of journey, backpacks laden with blankets — or split into three laptop-sized pouches attached to a harness.
The pants, as loose and flowing as sweat pants and often licked with stripes, gave the collection an athletic aspect — as did the chunky, graphic hiking sneakers. While the checkerboard patterns skewed a bit close to Louis Vuitton’s Damier check, the reference was games.

Rick Owens Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Menswear SS2017

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Rick Owens goes soft next spring. He carried over his big pants from last fall, also continuing with bloblike drapes and whorled volumes. Indeed, his opening looks in gauzy gray fabrics approximated the gargantuan folds of blubber of this season’s mascot — a walrus.
Yet there was something regal about the cone-shaped silhouettes and the elaborate, sashlike folds worked into T-shirts and tops.
As the show progressed, Owens capped his pyramid-shaped pants with tiny, taut bomber jackets and leather blousons that stopped at the ribcage.

Owens also added shiny embroideries with radiant lines, like depictions of the Sacred Heart, to loose black robes and sculpted tuxedo jackets. It’s a descriptor coming up more frequently as the Paris season picks up steam. Owens’ priestly take on black-tie was certainly divine.

Louis Vuitton Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Menswear SS2017

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Imagine a young boy touring the savanna in Kenya and alighting upon the Massai people in their vivid red and blue clothing. It’s one of Kim Jones’ strongest and most treasured memories — and it inspired one of his first hit collections as men’s style director at Louis Vuitton five years ago.

For his brisk open-air spring show, the designer got savanna heat and blazing sun, which didn’t seem to phase front-row guests David Beckham or Victor Cruz, both dressed in long-sleeve sweaters, styles that appeared on the runway in shaggy mohair with springbok fur patterns.

The mohair styles looked cool over checkered pants licked with silver zips, among the punk accents that spiked the African theme. The collection had a youthful zing, interspersed with luxury marvels, including a “denim” jacket made of matte crocodile, a molded leather vest with a diagonal zip and a Perspex blanket trunk etched with a giraffe drawing by Dinos and Jake Chapman.

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