Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017:

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We’d seen Lady Gaga (walking the Marc Jacobs fall/winter show) tumbling on shoes even more bizarre and towering than this. But for Marc Jacobs to make this kind of shoe statement was rather surprising. Patent leather, platform soled and preferably worn over the knee. The kind of shoes only David Bowie would know how to pull off. Yet as crazy as they may look, other designers like Margiela, Balenciaga and Westwood walked the same shoe path leading up to one of this season’s shoe trends; the patent leather ankle boot with a chunky heel. It might be a far cry from Marc Jacobs’ catwalk shown shoe porn, but at least you know where it all started. Release your inner Spice girl. These patent leather, platform boots were made for walking.

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: One of One

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For his last Saint Laurent Paris collection Hedi Slimane focused on the shoulder ending his presentation with a series of one sleeves party tops and dresses. Sharp and pointy shoulders we haven’t seen in a while, breathing power and sex appeal. And not just Hedi decided we could do without that second shoulder/sleeve Isabel Marant, Lanvin and Moschino too weighed in on the trend. Particularly suitable for party occasions and a nice chance to show off some collar bone, fancy necklace or eye catching, asymmetric earparty. One of one.

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: White Shirt Revisited

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Who knew the white shirt would ever be THE hit item of a complete fashion week season? Well, it happened during the SS2017 presentations. The crispy white shirt popped up in every city. Looking slightly different every single time; the classic white shirt revisited or deconstructed even. The widest sleeves, ruffles and tule in the mix. Worn off shoulder, with unbuttoned cuffs the oversized white shirt got some extra sex appeal too. Looking to join in on the fun? You can even borrow your boyfriend’s favorite shirt (blue stripes and light blue shirt support this trend too) and have some fun with it. with your initials on the cuffs or some catchy phrase at the back you’ll give this wardrobe classic a contemporary, personal and unique touch.

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: Cape Town

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From bright pink and fluffy to sophisticated suede; it’s cape o’clock! Layer it up like some of our streetstyle heroes or show some leg like Anna dello Russo and Hailey Baldwin. And it’s not just London that’s cape town this winter. This fall/winter item looks equally chic on a Parisienne. Just pick a cape to match your cool. Pink grisley, navajo or little red riding hood? A cosy capelet goes a long way.


Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: Biker Style

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Biker chic just arrived at another level. Designers like McQueen, Valentino and Gucci have been experimenting with this wardrobe essential. Altering it’s proportions from girly to oversized and puffy. Patches and studs add even more originality and then think about the thousand ways to wear it! Paired with a black skinny like all the models (at work) or over some culottes like they do in Paris. Wear it over your favorite winter jumper or combine it with a maxi dress. And even on a night out in town the tough yet sexy black leather biker jacket is your best company. Biker style winter 2016.

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: XL Sleeves

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Who needs gloves when you can completely disappear in your XL winter sleeves? Design labels like Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and DKNY showed just how to keep it cool while staying warm with the longest sleeves of the season. Make sure you still have some silhouette by pairing those oversized winter jumpers with some sexy tights and booties of showing just a little ankle (as seen at Nina Ricci and Sportmax). Prefer a pair of tough army boots? Take a hint from DKNY and MSGN. Go oversize all the way like Costume National or opt for a ton sur ton ensemble like Pringle of Scotland did. Tons of options to keep you covered.

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: Choker up

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The style rule of avoiding wearing earrings and a necklace doesn’t apply this season. We’re wearing multiple accessories we like, all at once. That might be a little ‘in your face’ at first, but it’s the easiest way to make a statement. Just look at how the choker has regained it’s position. Worn at festivals and all over London town this grungy accessory has suddenly become the chicest thing. And now that labels like Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, Balmain and Elie Saab joined in on the fun these designer chokers have become highly desirable. It seems the ultimate piece of jewelry combined with an elegant, ruffled white shirt, a dressed up red velvet suit or a tough biker jacket, (see images above) all spotted during London Fashion Week. From extremely delicate, done in silver to hard & heavy made out of black leather; there’s one for every style or taste. Let’s choker up!

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: Shiny shoes

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If you look around at what shoes the cool girls are wearing to a fashion event these days, you’ll notice all shoes are shiny and sparkly. And that’s not just a coincidence. It’s high times for velvet boots and glitter boots. Philip Lim and Dries van Noten already felt it, the high street shops are seeing it now. And why wouldn’t a purple velvet bootie become the shoe of the year? It’s super chic under a pair of patched denim trousers and it’s the highly elegant matched with a slipdress too. Just pick the color of your choice (we say green, purple, gold or silver) and start parading. Sparkling and glossy footwear at Victoria Beckham and Tommy Hilfiger too. Walk into the holiday season with these shiny booties worthy of a true Cinderella moment. Shine bright like a velvet bootay.

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: Hoodie hype

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It adds a certain coolness and a touch of sport. The hoodie is the ultimate item to give your outfit some extra street cred. And this season you can simply wear in underneath your chicest camel coat, your dressed up black blazer or your army colored patent parka. When Vetements hoodies with a over 500 euro price tag on them are selling like hotcakes, you know something’s up. The hoodie turned chic. And we couldn’t be more happy with a fashion trend in which mom jeans, oversized hoodies and teddy overcoats suddenly fit the dressed up fashion code. Whether cropped or worn as a dress, snuggle up in your favorite hoodie and bear the winter cold while looking cool as ice.

Fall Winter Trend 2016 / 2017: Puffer Gone Posh

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Yes, it took us quite a while to adjust to this one too. And boy did we take our time. Ever since the release of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ in the summer of 2015 the puffer coat has wandered around in our subconscious. We may have had red puffer dreams, but never ended up actually buying and wearing one ourselves. The puffer coat did come across as a man repelling kind of fashion trend. It wouldn’t do anyone any good to their figure. But slightly careless hanging on one of Rihanna, Gigi or Kim K’s shoulders we (and more importantly the cool streetstyle kids) could suddenly see this item becoming a big trend. Tommy Hilfiger, Balenciaga (they even already introduced a body warmer for SS2017), ACNE Studios, DKNY and Stella McCartney all sent out their versions. And this winter, we’re finally prepared to work it. Matched with the tightest of pants they don’t look so bad after all. Plus, you’ll be able to bear the coldest of temperatures. Now, the high street shops have all introduced their own puffer version, in navy, black or army printed, but if you’re gonna do it, opt for that red hot version. The puffer was never this posh. Get it while it’s hot.

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