WOMENSWEAR SS2016: The metallic movement

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You could think of this as something that belongs to glitzy granny’s in Advanced Style, Lady Gaga or ’10 outfits Only Samantha Jones Can Wear’. But as a matter of fact, shiny gold fabric and metallics are a huge trend (ever since 2014) and seem to make a lasting impression. Although it feels like a throwback to the 80’s, don’t be scared, cause the metallic trend is less space man and over the top than you might think. It’s actually more out of this world. That means: modern, classy and sophisticated. Even sexy.

It’s becoming more and more versatile and it can be as simple as teaming a metallic skirt or trousers with a simple white shirt for a less boring everyday look (looking at you Loewe). Or have a look at Chanel on how to add a metallic shoe, purse or hand glove (how Michael Jackon can it be) to your outfit. Bright metallic accessories is a proper and easy way to add a a little va-va-voom. And literally shine all night with all the girls wearing a sparkly metallic (slip)dress (check check, Saint Laurent). And if, if you dare to take it up another notch, show your wild side with Prada’s golden lips. How sassy! All else there’s left is just a bunch of confidence.

The Kingpins Show Hong Kong Day 1

After Amsterdam and New York Hong Kong is the capital of denim for two days. In the Innocentre mills and denim-related companies present their latest products and innovations to (denim)professionals in the industry.

WOMENSWEAR TREND SS2016: Ponytail Plus

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Sure, the clothes are very important during fashion week. But no finishing business without the hair. A woman prizes her hair over anything else. It’s like a big cream cake that needs some strawberries to top it off, right? Luckily, the majority of hair and beauty trends are surprisingly easy to pull off (woohoo!), like the upgraded ponytail.

We know the classic ponytail for years and years now. It’s something our mothers loved giving us to dress up with. Nothing new about that. But this season we see many different spins on this golden oldie. Because same shit, different day, it makes you bored out of your mind. The great thing about ponytails is that it’s pretty easy to DIY and still make you look completely different ánd sophisticated. So how to upgrade the usual ponytail? You have several options. According to Oscar de la Renta and Dior, add a classic fabric accessory ASAP. Just a simple ribbon around it can do the trick. Want something more classy and high fashion, opt for Balmain’s high, slick variation. And Marni, Miu Miu, and Chanel only had one important question: why stick to one when you can have two? Bring in the double tails gals! Although it’s a risky look, because it might result in something really girly and youthful, there are enough examples of how to pull it off as an adult. And with the daring make-up looks and likewise attitude, it wasn’t even close to girlish. It was actually le freak c’est chic.

Hong Kong street (fashion) life

The team is visiting Hong Kong this week and is covering the Kingpins Show the coming days. But first we needed to explore the city ourselves. We’re fascinated by the colorful signs, the 24h bubble, the skyline by night and of course we could not end the day without shooting some streetfashion.



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They’ve never really been gone, but on a fashion level hoodies are making a huuuge comeback. Transforming from the ultimate sportswear item (or the best Netflix & chill sweater, if you will) to the chicest outerwear piece of the season. The fact that hoodies are all the rage this season might have something to do with Vetements’ popularity and their focus on this strong streetwear piece. Yet there’s no need to pay over 500 euros to look as cool as Rihanna and Kanye did in their Vetements hoodies. Even one of those oversized, worn out hoodies you still have in your closet might do the trick. Or think about old school sportswear hoodies by Champion, Fila or Adidas. You can even pick one by your favorite artist/band. It’s the attitude that matters most, you know! Besides that a stiff hood and extra long slevees help create the right vibe. Hide yourself a little, act like your camera shy. It’s even okay to put it over your head. It’s what the cool kids are doing. The hoodie combines very well with jackets, trenches and coats. And just like that a grey melange hoodie paired with a woollen camel coat can be the chicest thing. Looking savvy was never this comfy. Question is: are you in da mood?

MENSWEAR TREND ss2016: Gettin’ beggy with it

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When it comes down to menswear trends you need to know for spring, this one definitely needs to be included. The baggy trouser (or wide-legged pants) was always shining through the mens collections and have been making a slow but definite return on the men’s catwalk for the past few seasons. It’s having its big big breakthrough with a vast majority of designers showing loosened-up silhouettes. And by that we mean not only smaller companies, but the actual big boys. Giorgio Armani, Etro, Fendi, Versace, Yamamoto, Lanvin, Raf Simons and Bally. Not only in casual ensembles, but also in a suiting and shorts. Comfort is playing a major role right now, with the hems becoming lower and wider. Why always in tight and skinny jeans, seems to be the question. In the end, wide-leg pants have always been one of the most important staples in men’s style history. From Russian troops till Sinatra in the 1950s.

It’s like bringing sexy back (thank you Justin), but in a new and different way. We know, take a deep breath, because it may sound scary and it won’t be the most easy and comfortable trend to integrate for a lot of men, but all these baggy trousers are really important for the development and change of men’s style. Make sure it has a high waist so you won’t look overweight or seem to drown in it. And make sure that you wear on top is either cropped or slim, so it balances each other out. It may feel uncertain at first, but wide-legged trousers are more wearable than you can probably imagine.

MENSWEAR TREND ss2016: Vintage Americana

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‘Cuba Quiero bailar la salsa. Cuba Quiero bailar la salsa.’ When seeing this trend, all we want to do is sing and sway to the Gibson Brothers song. Bring in the summer, pretty please! Latin America is becoming popular every year, not only when it comes to traveling (it’s on our wish list for sure!), but now also in fashion.

The cuban collar shirt never seems to fade away from the mens wardrobe and isn’t a newcomer. It’s probably something that your grandfather wore in the 1950s, the time the shirt made its big debut on the fashion stage. It’s the perfect light and breezy element in every men’s summer wardrobe, making it a gentleman’s must-have. Like a hot summer night in vice city. It oozes old-school charm and class. What sets them apart from the rest? They have an open, lapel-like collar, short-sleeved, buttoned down and have a straight cut hem. The collections from Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten and Raf Simons all showed Cuban-collar shirts, executed with geometric prints or summery pastels. Yes, you can go terribly (but really terribly) wrong with this one (think Hawaiian or retro bowling style or Tony Montana in Scarface), but combined with baggy trousers (huge trend!), neckerchiefs (yep, trend!) and a pair of chinos and you’re done. This is a first for you? Maybe it’s best to opt for a slim-fitting version rather than a traditional boxy cuts to start of with. Consider rolling your shirtsleeves for an added touch of 50s nostalgia. Though, the main decision you have to make is will you wear the collar under or over your lapels. The designers will help you decide how to integrate a touch of vintage 1950s style to your warm-weather look.


Didn’t we all dream of rainbow hair as little girls at one point? This summer fashion lovers around the world (and especially in the city of London) seem to be fulfilling that life long dream coloring their hair in the brightest of colors. Not just pink or mint green, but a whole range of shades for that jaw dropping, head turning effect. Anna dello Russo already proved that, styled in the right way (with a printed Gucci dress, that is), a rainbow do can compliment your outfit. Like a brand new it-bag it can create that instant on trend look. Lucky for us professional hair brands are coming up with the coolest inventions to color or chalk your hair for just a short period of time. Whether faded pink or poppy red; anyone can give this beauty trend a go without damaging their hair. Now let’s look for a rainbow dress to match our freshly colored locks, shall we? Rainbows and unicorns, color me blind.


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A brand new The Jungle Book movie was released this spring. Reason for fashion brand Kenzo to launch a special collection dedicated to the Disney movie. But it wasn’t just the designers at Kenzo who figured jungle would be an appropriate spring/summer theme. Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Missoni among others all turned their catwalks into a wild nature celebration. Each in their own way of-course. At Balmain, Philip Lim and Kenzo the dresscode was safari chic all the way, with kaki colored overalls as far as our eyes could reach. Antionio Marras gave his camouflage attire a tropical touch and at Missoni the safari jacket was given the ultimate holiday touch. Burberry, Coach and Saint Laurent hinted to the theme more subtly, presenting some animal printed statement pieces. Then there were the models at Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci rocking the brands’ full on flora and fauna suits. Junya Watanabe went all the way with it’s male models wearing big braided wigs, safari hats, patchwork T-shirts, bright printed scarves with beads and fringes, handmade jewellery and wooden accessories, creating a true Junya jungle. Fashion darling Dries van Noten probably interpreted the trend in the chicest way, pairing tropical palmtree printed shorts with leopard sweaters; this summer’s bare necessities. Welcome to the jungle.

The Kingpins Show New York

The past week Team peter Stigter was surrounded by denim-heads, from designers to producers and denim mills. All gathered in New York at The Kingpins Show to learn about new developments in denim. Next week we’re heading to Hong Kong, so stay tuned for another reportage.

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