Summertrend Men 2012: The Bomberjacket

June 21, 2012 by  
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Who would’ve thought that the traditional varsity bomber jacket would be a huge trend? For summer 2012 designers reinvented this particular and not always undisputed jacket, once designed for World War I pilots and later worn by the mavericks and cool scooter boys, and  gave it a whole new identity.  They turned it into something modern and high fashion and into one of the most important items when it comes to your summer look.

The bomber jacket comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and prints. We’ve seen them very loose and casual, to more pumped up and cool. From bold colored to kitsch prints and from high school cool to Italian slick, and sometimes they even looked chic in a way. It’s even possible to make this oh-so-cool and mannish jacket sexy and elegant, which makes it wearable for women too (Carine Roitfeld wore it).

And we haven’t  only spotted this sturdy jacket many times on the catwalk, they’re also turning up in the streets. Of course Kanye West has one, mr cool himself. Because eventually these jackets have something magical, they make you look and feel cool from the first moment you put it on, even when it’s bright pink or covered with a bold print. And who doesn’t want to be cool?

Eva Dusch