Trend Report FW2010: military style

August 16, 2010 by  
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Uniforms in some way always are very appealing. So it’s no surprise the army trend is very popular in fashion. We already saw the army style last season and for winter 2010 many clothes still have an army influence.

The army details are mostly translated to army coats and jackets. Those are often long, camouflage-colored and have details like epaulettes and fringes on the shoulders.

The Max Mara show was full of those coats. They were floor-sweeping long and immediately gave the models a certain status. They looked confident, as if they could rule the world. Jean Paul Gaultier, Burberry and Balmain all had army coats in their collections too. Navy blue and army green being the two most chosen colors.

The long coats won’t be very handy when, for example, having to hop on a bike. Yet they look stylish and will keep you warm from head to toe. And…march!

Streetwear trend: trenchcoats

June 4, 2010 by  
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There is hardly any fashion piece that is worn as much and by as many diverse people as the trenchcoat. This iconic coat has a style that suits any person, no matter their age, gender, length, size or race.

Although Burberry claims they invented this coat, nowadays many large fashion labels have trenchcoats in their collections. And the fact that you can run itno someone wearing a trenchcoat every minute of the day proves these coats are still ultra-popular.

While we were in Milan, Paris and New York we ran into all kinds of people wearing the trenchcoat as well. They all wore the fashion piece  differently. So the saying that a trenchcoat tells you something about a person must be true.

If you – after watching our photos – haven’t yet got enough of the streetstyle trench you should take a look at The Art of Trench. Especially for Burberry fashion blogger Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) took the most amazing streetwear trenchcoat photos and Burberry created a website around it.

We couldn’t picture a world without the trenchcoat. If you ask us it’s like with denim, it’s here to stay forever.