Festimode Casablanca Fashion Week 2012, Day 2

The second day of FCFW was sreserved for three designers: Siham Sara Chraibi, Paolo Errico and Said Mahrouf. Three different designers with their own signature. Siham Sara Chraibi studied architecture in Rabat and architecture& philosophy in Paris. But since she is also passionate about fashion and couture she deceided to start her won fashionhouse. Her style is sober and pure with contructed and graphic lines but always influenced by decorative arts and historic costumes.

Said Mahrouf lived in Amsterdam for a long time and focused his work on designing costumes for site-specific performances. But eventually his love for fashion made him design ready to wear again. His fashion-collections are an ode to femininity and elegance. The soft, sensual lines of his designs truly come to life on a female body. And his clientele in Casablanca loves it. Said Mahrouf returned  to Casablanca in 2010 definitely. In his atelier he designs and sells ready to wear de luxe.

Paolo Errico is originally from Milan, Italy. He began his career at Calvin Klein, Versace and Roberto Cavalli. Since 2004 he runs his own fashion-house.  Paolo’s inspiration and reference point are architecture and design. His technique involved using primordial geometric shapes and combining them with the human body to produce timeless fashion. The result creates a multi-dimensional effect of innovation, dynamism and sensual elegance.

Please enjoy the pictures of day 2, with a selection of the three collections and backstage.