Trend Report SS2018: Eighties by day

February 8, 2018 by  
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Another eighties revival in fashion means shoulders once again are the focus point in many summer silhouettes. If it’s up to Gucci, Saint Laurent and Off White big, rounded shoulders are a ‘thing’ again. Preferably combined with something leg revealing (Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant) or high waisted and high heeled (Y project, Off white). An eighties color(black) palette of mint greens and purples is in order as well. Now let’s see if you still got those eighties dance moves to match!

SS2017 Trend: Harder, Better, Stronger (shoulders)

May 3, 2017 by  
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We admit some of the looks in our gallery above aren’t the most ‘likeable’ at first sight. Yet, you know how it works in fashion, give a trend a month or six and everyone in the fashion scene has completely accepted it. Give it a year (or two) and the mass market is fully embracing it. So right about now, when it comes to the strong shoulder trend, we’re at the first base; fashion professionals have accepted it and are transmitting the message to a wider audience. A few fashion forward influencers have been spotted working those Balenciaga jackets and one shouldered Saint Laurent dresses. They’re the daredevils who don’t care if a trench coat gives them a less feminine figure or a certain Frankenstein appeal. In the name of fashion they’re rocking those XL shoulders as if the eighties never existed. A woman in a suit (Off white, Céline) never looked this strong and disco dancing dressing (Saint Laurent) was never this fierce and outspoken. The silhouette’s focus point is moving up! From waist to shoulders. Are you ready to step up your shoulder game? Harder, better, faster!