Summertrend Men 2012: Urban Safari

June 18, 2012 by  
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This is one of those trends that we have been seeing for a few seasons now – for both men and women – but knows some small changes every time. And also for this summer many designers seemed to be inspired by the nations of Africa. They are taking us on a trip through the Savanna, North Africa or the wilderness, but they won’t let us go down there without some fine pieces of clothing. After all, you always go in style. And this style defines itself as safari mixed with a touch of urban and western luxury.

The color palette consists of shades like khaki, olive green, white, deep orange and sand colors. And while going into the wilderness you need some comfy and airy clothes, like linen blouses, slouchy cargo’s, multi-pocket shorts, rolled-up pants, long dip-dyed scarves (or those beautiful one with the blue-red plaids at Louis Vuitton), ropy sweaters, raffia bags or hats and some leather sandals. The luxurious touch comes more in terms of animal prints and leather.

And if you’re daring enough and not afraid to show your feminine side as a man, you can even wrap some cloths around your waist. Look who’s the king of the jungle now…

Eva Dusch