Pringle of Scotland Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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New Wave seems a trend this Milan Fashion Week. After two soundtracks of Talking Heads, today the British rock band Franz Ferdinand was playing at the Pringle show. Alex Kapranos and Nick McCartney were present to play an acoustic set.

Yet there was a second reason why the boys were at the Pringle show. They appeared to both have designed a piece of knitwear for the label. The singer and the guitarist were among several Scottish artist who’d designed a limited edition design for the 195th anniversary of Pringle.

McCarthy’s sweater was named Sign for Strength and had the artist’s handwriting on it. Kapranos named his design The Execution of the perfect swing and replaced Pringle’s logo by a golfer swinging on a gallows. They didn’t wear their creations themselves today.

Apart from the limited edition sweaters the rest of the very small collection (of 16 pieces) had more good knitwear pieces in it. The woollen cardigans will be too hot for summer. Yet the almost transparent knitted tops will do just fine.

Furthermore we saw stiff shirts, bright blue coats and the brand’s signature (the Argyle pattern) in a top. It was not really a full collection. Sixteen looks is a bit thin and we actually thought the show was rather boring.

Pringle of Scotland Catwalk Show

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Pringle of Scotland Pringle of Scotland Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland Pringle of Scotland Pringle of Scotland