Festimode Casablanca Fashion Week 2012, Day 1

The seventh edition of Festimode Casablanca Fashion Week (FCFW) 2012 started yesterday with two shows of Fadila el Gadi and Mehdi Khessouane.

Fadila el Gadi has been working as a fashion-designer since 1990, and she is probably one of the few people in the fashion-business who has been working with the legendary Yves St. Laurent. That experience opened some doors for her, but it is of course Gadi’s talent that made her design for Barbara Streisand and BeyoncĂ©. You can find her work in boutiques in Paris, Madrid and Saint-Tropez, in Morocco she has her own boutiques in Tanger and Marrakech.

Mehdi Khessouane was always surrounded by art and design, since his father is a interior-architect and his mother has a passion for art. Besides that Khessouane also had a passion for science. No wonder he studied Biology at the university and Fashion at the l’Ecole superieure des Beaux Arts in Casablanca. He is not only fascinated by designer Amina Agueznay but he also stands up against global warming. In 2009 Khessouane joined the selection of young talented designers at FCFW. This year he returned with an avant-garde collection for men and women.

Please enjoy the pictures of the first day of FCFW, with a selection of back and frontstage and some atmosphere during the event.