Trend Report SS2011: Look At My Lips

June 3, 2011 by  
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When it comes to beauty your lips are the focus point this summer. Gucci, Lacoste, Jil Sander and Diane von Furstenberg all let their models’ lips stand out on the runway.

Judging from the looks of their catwalk beauties there’s no way to better accentuate your lips than by adding some color. Here are some tips on how to create the best looking lips:

  • Make sure they’re bright and fully colored.
  • Choose your lipstick color out of a range of hues varying from orange to deep pink.
  • Get a little bronzed; it will make your lips look even better
  • Mix ‘n match the color of your lipstick with the color of your nail polish
  • Keep the rest of your make-up sober & simple

Just study the images below and choose your favorite color.


Top 5 Beauty Trends SS2010

April 16, 2010 by  
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If you want to look stunning this summer not only stylish clothes are required, your make-up needs to follow the trends too. Overall the beauty-rule for ss2010 seems to be: keep it simple. In many shows the hair and make-up looked natural and effortless. If you do want to go highlight your best assets and get a little crazy we have five beauty trends for you…

1. A healthy blush
We must say blush is not for everyone. Your skin has to be in a very good condition and if you already have natural red cheeks you should not put any extra blush on. Blush looks the most natural on a slightly tanned face and can variate from light pink to bronze to red. The make-up at Derek Lam looked extraordinary and although the models all wore blush their faces looked very natural.

2. Between the lines
A little bit of eyeliner is almost always used to accentuate the model’s eyes. Yet for spring/summer the eyeliner was very outspoken. The lines were thicker and longer than normally and created mysterious-looking models. If you want to work the eyeliner like Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli, it’s best if you wear it to some party. Cause at the office people will think you’ve lost your mind.

3. Disco-colors
For this trend you have to be some sort of make-up expert. While not everyone can create the magic we saw on the eyes of Viktor & Rolf and Derek Lam’s models. Beautiful rainbows of colors were placed around the models’ eyes, each color fluently changing into another. The pastel shades (purple, green and orange) made their eyes look extra bright and matched very well with the clothes from the spring/summer collection. Once again, you’d have to be a make-up maestro for it, but if you can make this look work you’ll be the belle of the ball.

4. The looser the better
In case of a bad hair day a braid can be a good solution. And since braids are the hair-trend this summer that’s good news. On the catwalk loose braids, mainly worn to the side (Alexander Wang), were a big hit. Other nice braid examples were braids which had pieces of fabric braided into them (Oscar de la Renta) and French and Fishtail braids. And the more complicated the braid, the more classy the look.

5. Lovely lips
Apart from a light lipgloss, bright, red-colored lips will be seen a lot this summer. Rodarte, Viktor & Rolf and Dior showed the mostly lovely lips in the bunch, perfectly shaped and pretty colored. Some brands promoted green (Iceberg), orange (Loewe) and blue (Paul Smith) lips as well, but we think it’s better to save those for Halloween.

Overall we were most excited about the make-up at Dior, Viktor & Rolf and Derek Lam. The models looked fresh, playful and sexy at the same time. Since the make-up on the runway is always exagerated we might not copy the complete looks, but we’ll take some inspiration from it and we’ll do our best to create a subtle version of the looks presented above.