Mexx by EnD Catwalk Fashion Show SS10

July 22, 2009 by  
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A collaboration between EnD by Eva and Delia and Mexx Europe bv marks the beginning of bold new moves for this international fashion brand. Mexx asked the EnD-duo to remix ten seasonal looks from Mexx, to be produced in the style of EnD. This collaboration is an experiment in ‘Mexxing’ things up, twisting the traditional and corrupting what is classic in fashion. Set aside the make-up – why did the models looked like clowns? – a Mexx-collection never looked so spicy and streetwise. Especially the graphic effects the ladies created by putting different fabrics and color together. It worked with the opening outfit (miniskirt & sweater), elegant tops and a sporty dress, but the knee length skirts and other dresses need some reworking. They looked frumpy and didn’t do anything good for the girls. As an experiment it worked out rather well.