Caribbean Fashion Spot Catwalk Fashion Show SS16

July 11, 2015 by  
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“Keep calm and be Caribbean.” That’s how not to loose your head in the fashion madness, because there is quite some to worry about when it’s your first time to show on the Amsterdam Catwalk. “I’m so glad you didn’t fell when you turned around in those high heels”, Ms. Ray sighs from relieve afterwards. She’s one of the six designer labels of the Caribbean Fashion Spot Catwalk that was featured earlier today: Atelier Doré (Suriname), Beatriz Rodriguez (Puerto Rico), Charu Lochan Dass (Trinidad & Tobago), Gigliola Designs (Aruba), Heather Jones International (Trinidad & Tobago). They aim to provide women of today in the Caribbean with updates about the latest fashion. “They are not only beautiful, but they are all amazing young women that are working hard on their dreams! Diversity always rules and includes”, they announced a few days ago on their Facebookpage.

And yes, we spotted a lot of beautiful young women. And yes, there was quite some diversity on the catwalk as well. Starting out with Atelier Doré showing enormous silver and gemstone jewellery, featuring the tropical nature of Surinam. What followed next seemed to be the Miss Caribbean contest where there was no room for unpretentiousness. Cause if we can learn one thing from those ladies: if you have it, flaunt it baby. There was an overflow of long maxi-dresses, some off-shoulder others with a deep cut v-neck. Lots of ruffles, dainty lines, sequins and subtile shimmers. We counted several jumpsuits, some see-through or with high slits on the side and an open back. The flowy materials made it sometimes hard to see whether it was a dress or jumpsuit. Of course there’s no tropical fever without a bold colour scheme, so we got bombarded with bold pink, red, aubergine, yellow, green, blue and white.

This was not a show to give you an update on what to wear next season or how to be on trend. Although, we spotted one translucent white lace dress that could be perfect material for the ‘the rise and rise of naked dressing’ trend (how to look good naked without really being naked) as lately seen on Beyoncé, J.Lo and Kim Kardashian. Women with flaunting as their middle name. But no, this show was rather one to celebrate fashion and fun. Perhaps all those flower prints could cause some pollination of this cheerful Caribbean fever in our Dutch audience, so we can also keep it cool during these hot summer days.