Franzel + Armand Michiels SS2014 Amsterdam Fashion Week

July 13, 2013 by  
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Franzel Amsterdam
Eric Franzel made his Amsterdam Fashion Week debut today and presented his small, but strong Franzel collection inspired by the Golden Age. Dark models with partly black painted faces showed minimalistic looks which formed a combination of classic menswear and sportswear influences. Lots of black, white and navy formed the not too summer-y collection. Blouses and shorts looked simple and modern, worn with tights and trench coats. Countless zippers, quilted details and a touch of red on the models’ sneakers kept things interesting. A tough looking girl, fully dressed in black with a big white Franzel logo on her back closed the show. Nice introduction Franzel, see you next season?!

Armand Michiels
Six models with Dior couture-like make-up and hair all appeared on stage together at Armand Michiels. They wore long navy blye clocks and were turned with their back towards the audience. One by one they dropped their cloaks, turned around and showed what they were really wearing. A mix of denim and corsets, so it seemed. Geisha-inspired corset tops (for all kind of  different occasions) in different shades with sculptural origami details in the front, laces at the back and color coordinated jeans or shorts, plus platform heels to go! We’re not exactely sure in which category Armand belongs; but it was an interesting mix of casual and couture.