HKU Graduation show 2016

The Fashion Graduation Show of Hogeschool vd Kunsten Utrecht is one of the annual highlights during the Graduation period of presentations at HKU. The edition of 2016 took place in an industrial setting under the building of Hoog Catharijne. The collections were varied and very outspoken. Most collections had one thing in common: the layered silhouettes.And they were also very wearable. Laure Meyers and Suzanne Barten presented a refined and feminine image. The outspoken and striped coats of Yasmina Ajbilou covered neat, long shirts and told the story of where rebellion and limitations meet.
Malu Versteeg and Marleen van Egmond developed their own knitwear. In the womenswear collection of Malu big, finely knit turtlenecks with transparent parts were the centerpieces. The men in Marleens ‘Modification of Time’ were wearing cable knit sweaters and pants.
Wendy Cornelis transferred her research in material and sustainability into a womenswear-collection with big silhouettes. Laura Meijering made her sustainable collection in quiet colors and simple, long silhouettes, the excitement though came by fraying all materials to the thread as a comment to holding on to your stuff.

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