Walter van Beirendonck Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

June 25, 2010 by  
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Hope. Read my skin. That was the message at Van Beirendonck’s invitation for his ss2011-show in Paris this afternoon. The Belgian designer always tries to put his worries about certain thing in society in his collections. And he always tries to be optimistic and make you at least smile a little.

With is humor, colorful prints and exaggerated styles he makes his men into characters from a comic-book. But exaggerating gets the best attention and so does Van Beirendonck. This time he aimed at violence and war and he dressed his models in innocent white overalls or happy combinations of jackets and pants with colorful checks or flowers  all over. He decorated the clothes with huge bullet-straps or used the straps as accessories. There were also shirts with applications and words like Fear and Faith and T-shirts reading “Courage, Never give up Hope”.

Intriguing was the part made of fabric with little holes in it. Suits, shirts, cargo-pants and T-shirts had holes all over as if a hundred bullets had hit them. It was not  only decorating but the holes also formed the words we already saw in the rest of the collection. Well, this is something we will see again in the big fashion-chains  within a few months.

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