Rick Owens Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

June 24, 2010 by  
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Right before the show Rick Owens was quietly drinking his espresso and watched everybody getting ready. Yet once the show started calm and quiet weren’t words that came to mind anymore. The music was extremely loud and the models seemed to be almost running on the catwalk as if the end of the world was near…

Like the hair of the male models, the silhouette of this collection was long. Jackets, blouses and tops all often reached the models’ knees (how summery!). Besides the boys wore long leather boots and some of them worked a long headband.

For this collection Owens again used his favourite shades: black & white, with one or two brown items. It matched to show area (a big black room) and the special effect of the show (white smoke was blown in the air).

Apart from the long autumn-like jackets Owens introduced a few sleeveless versions. Several of those were made out of leather. And while this season many brands opted for the double breasted jackets, Owens made his with zippers at the front.

Some of the tank tops and black over-the-knee shorts looked more like summer. Let’s just hope nobody will actually dare to wear one of the asymmetrical, one-shouldered tops outside of the house…

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