John Galliano Catwalk Fashion Show Paris SS2011

October 4, 2010 by  
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Attending the John Galliano show this Sunday felt like going to a theater. Once again the designer used every opportunity to wow us. First of all a beautifully led golden backdrop, but also hats, wigs, eccentric make-up and large painting frames. Not to mention the models who were each playing their own individual character during the show. There’s was so much going on, we’d almost forget we were supposed to look at the designs.

And they deserved some attention too. John Galliano combined thick leather coats with delicate sheer nude skirts and dresses. In fact there were a lot of jackets, most of them worn with a clashing scarf tied around it.

Colorful designs had butterflies and flower prints on them. A model carrying a wooden umbrella seemed to stress the eastern twist of some of these looks.

The color palette changed from nudes to pink, blue, turquoise and red. The finale was a parade of floor-sweeping ivory gowns. Every single one looked perfectly handcrafted and had some very nice silver embroideries on it.

It was a spectacular show with a very pleasant vibe. Yet maybe the fashion part got a little overshadowed by the whole theater Galliano had set up. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it.

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