Moschino Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW2016

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If you were ever wondering if it’s possible to wear a chandelier as a dress? Well, here’s your answer: yes you can. Even better: you áre the chandelier itself. Or follow Sia’s lead, swinging from the chandelier and live like tomorrow doesn’t exist (if you haven’t seen the Carpool session with Sia and James Cordon, please do so as she sings like it’s her last day). And if that was the case (don’t get scared now, it’s just hypothetical), why not dress like if it’s your last day. Make it big, make it bold, make it edgy and never back down, even when everything’s on fire. Picturing the Moschino logo flaming in orange letters, can someone please call 911- the fire department? Jeremy Scott has lit up Milan city. Which he did with giant theatrical dresses with satin bows in purple, yellow and pink fastened with shimmering brooches, strapless ruffle dresses combined with a t-shirt underneath, a black floor-sweeping dress embellished with chains, a pink strapless dress with a leather bodice. If you’re more into playing it cool on the down low, you have the zip-adorned black leather, lots of denim items, hotpants, t-shirts with playful Moschino prints, fishnet tights and biker boots. Finish it off with some big accessories like a ‘Warrior Milano’ belt, leather caps, black leather gloves and as many chains as you can get. It was only towards the end that everything got the fire lighter treatment: burnt holes and sweeps of black and grey. But what would you expect with those fierce attitudes and cigarettes hanging in those ears? So we couldn’t help but playing Jimi Hendrix’s Fire over and over again in our heads. ‘Just play with me and you won’t get burned. Let me stand next to your fire. Let me stand next to your fire.’ 

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