Calvin Klein Catwalk Fashion Show – SS2011

June 19, 2010 by  
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Today’s Calvin Klein collection had an overall sporty vibe to it. This was visible through all kinds of aspects, like the hi-tech sneakers, the sweaters, the belly-exposing tops and jackets, the many zippers, the (partly visible) Calvin Klein logo and the sunglasses hanging on cords.

The many suits Italo Zucchelli came up with weren’t necessarily very sporty, yet they felt quite modern. Zucchelli once said ‘I no longer believe there is a fabric that’s wrong for making a suit. You could use material designed for tents and make a spectacular suit out of it.’ And so he did. Leather, silk, satin, he used almost any fabric for his slim-fit suits. Overall they looked very shiny and smooth. And the turquoise, the beige, the light grey and the blues appeared to be a good mix of colors.

In between the slick suits and sporty jackets some models in ultra-tight swim-shorts passed by to the sound of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wildside.

The old-fashioned, fully buttoned blouses, the glossy suits and the belly-exposing tops might not be a huge hit in stores next summer, but overall the show was fun to watch. So we’re sure the people watching the show on LED screen at the Piazza del Duomo in Milan had a great time tonight.

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