Blumarine Catwalk Fashion Show Milan FW2012

February 24, 2012 by  
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The name of today’s Blumarine show was Positively Shining. And shiny it was… Besides Anna’s usual suspects, animal prints and bright shades, metallics were a central theme in the collection.

The glitz and glam theme started off subtly with silver shaded ankle boots, yet soon the full on shiny grey-ish/silver looks (skinny jeans and trench coats) appeared. They were followed by ensembles (snakeskin shorts, skirts and old skool jackets) in other metallic tones like light pink, gold-ish and light blue. And towards the end the shiny was even introduced on a few disco chic biker jackets, with every possible shade reflected in them.

Now you would think the metallic part would be enough of a wow-factor for a winter collection. But hey, it’s Blumarine and with Blumarine girls you can never overdo it. So Anna added some frizzy bright furs, some full op leopard looks, a couple of larger than life (hoola hoop) earrings and a bunch of sexy sequined rainbow party dresses.

Positivity to the max we would say and we sure can use some of that.


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