Maison the Faux SS2015 Amsterdam Fashion Week

July 14, 2014 by  
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Like last season the Maison the Faux fashion show was wrong in so many ways. There was a choir of three naked (okay they did wear some kind of thong) women making monkey noises while a garden and water fountain served as a backdrop. A garden (of Eden?) from which male and female models appeared sporting an array of almost undefinable ensembles. Crazy materials, over the top print, hysterical use of color, bizarre silhouettes and out of this world accessories. The guys looked kinda girly, while the ladies had something savage-like about them. A lot of nudity was involved, but as far as fashion was concerned we couldn’t really discover one style or trend. But perhaps Maison the Faux can do without all of that and just create original pieces, made with a big sense of humor (if you get the joke, that is) that stand out and make a statement. Either way, the show wasn’t over till the three naked ladies sang, so Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ completed the cray cray controlled chaos. Maison the faux; so wrong it almost felt right.

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