Dutch Fashion Awards: The Winners

November 5, 2011 by  
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Conny Groenewegen is the lucky winner of the evening!! She won two awards in a row, but didn’t quite expect it. Not only the Incubator Fashion Award is going home with her, she also received the Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Award (the big ‘money price’ of 25.000 euro) tonight. Conny didn’t prepare a speech. “Thank you”, was basically all she could say. It’s clear Conny is better with clothes than with words. Her unique collection full of earthy tones and mixes of heavy knits and sheer fabrics blew the judges away and we’re very happy for her.

Some great news for those of you who want to get their hands on their own piece of Conny: her wedge shoes will be available at several Sacha Shoes stores from tomorrow (5 November) on.

Hyun Yeu  also won a price. He received the Dutch Fashion Incubator award which gives him the opportunity to design a collection, which will be sold in a pop-up store at the Bijenkorf (a Dutch store).

Photographer Elle Verhagen and stylist Maarten Spruyt both won a Fashion Icon Award.

Maarten Spruyt is the male Fashion Icon of 2011

Elle Verhagen is the female Fashion Icon of 2011

For now just enjoy our pictures and cheers to the winning designers of tonight: Hyun Yeu and Conny Groenewegen!


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