Tess van Zalinge Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

Pretty sure there’s not one single woman on this planet who loves to see herself in white fluorescent lightening. Except for today, at the show of Tess van Zalinge. The venue, that was supposed to feel like a (modern) church, was lightened up by long sticks of white fluorescent light, and it didn’t do any harm. At all, on the contrary. It fitted the minimal ambiance of the collection called ‘Status quo ante’, which is Latin for “the way things were before”. What she means by that? It’s a reaction to the overflow of stimulus, choices and possibilities we have these days. Which makes her longing for the way things were before. Go back to basic, there where it all started. Anna Wintour once said: “Fashion’s not about looking back, it’s always about looking forward.” But is it? Something that’s seriously questioned today by Tess. She thinks we’re too focused on the future, which makes us numb for what is right now. We should embrace the moments as they’re happening. And so we did, completely taken by her beautiful collection based on support, structure and Dutch craftsmanship. Building a bridge between lingerie and upper wear, and innovative twists to Dutch folklore. Which was obvious in pieces like a black semi-transparent bodice accompanied by an black apron (so cool!) or a bright green pleated shirt-dress. Rebuilding the foundations doesn’t mean it will be boring or predictable. Although her signature style that’s highly appreciated, Tess perfectly knows how to leave enough room for your own imagination.

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