Sage & Ivy Catwalk Fashion Show AIFWSS2012

July 16, 2011 by  
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After days of rain the sun came out today. What a relief for designer Alexia van Engelen and her team. She was the only designer this week showing her collection outside. And not just on a regular catwalk. No, they built a runway under water in the pond at the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam.

This created the illusion that the models were walking on water. The water, the sun, the catwalk and the models created the perfect picture together. A picture that fit the new Sage & Ivy collection perfectly, especially since it was inspired by water.

The clothes showed many different sides of water. The way in which water reflects things, the look of a sunset, the transparency of water and all kind of colors that appear as the sun shines on water.

The designs looked feminine and sweet, exactly the kind of thing you expect from Alexia if you know her. The delicate dresses, pants, suit jackets, sheer blouses, capes and accessories all were beautifully made and all had lot of details (braiding and draping) to them.

Especially the maxi dresses and skirts in the water gave the show an extra dramatic effect. Everything fell right in to place. It was a show to remember and, if you ask us, one of the highlights of the Amsterdam Fashion Week.


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