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It wouldn’t be a strange assumption that the worlds of fashion and politics are so different that they will never collide. But this afternoon, there was serious proof of the growing connections between the two of them during the Political Catwalk. A small group of youngsters from Amsterdam designed fashion for politicians, that politicians showed themselves on the catwalk. An initiative from Stichting f6, who organizes sociocultural projects to raise awareness and to convey knowledge about politics and democracy.

It’s definitely not a first that fashion shows have been linked to political engagement. But it’s definitely a first for these pupils, who used fashion as a tool to air out their thoughts on politics and democracy. While the musical background was filled with sound clips from Dutch political debates, the politicians slash models came walking down the runway in designs such as a jumpsuit covered with Twitterbirds, a skirt made out of newspapers, a dress with vote pencil fringes, a Dutch flag kaftan or a Van Gogh printed shirt.

But there was more to the program, as there was the Encouragement Award to be handed out. Cécile Narinx, editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, was one of the judges. “Uniting fashion and politics is just as hard as trying to merge the north and south pole. Most politicians generally play it safe when it comes to the clothes they’re wearing. Which is a pity, because the way you look can really underline your story and your political statement. You can use it in smart way. These kids made an brave attempt to bring those two separate worlds together throughout their designs. As a judge I will pay attention to movability, personality and, of course, if the political message is well translated.” According to the judges, it was Gaby Reiman’s bike tire skirt design who succeeded to do this best. Nonetheless the question still remains– will fashion and politics ever fully join forces? It’s up to you to mark your cross.

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