Maison the Faux Catwalk Fashion Show AFW Studio 2019

March 9, 2019 by  
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Het Compagnietheater was crowded Thursday night (Full House!). And we were all in for a treat. Maison the Faux has never been a label that holds straightforward fashion shows. “MAISON pour MAISON” was theater, performance and dance all in one. A multidisciplinary presentation with just a touch of fashion.

The scene presented a series of vignettes that explored all facets of a home. With multiple beds on stage and feathers falling from the ceiling scenes depicting bedroom behavior at it’s most extreme. Settings that reflect the chaos of rehousing. Performers and movers swanned around, maneuvering through the sets and feeling at home within the constructed framework. MAISON the FAUX had their performers breaking free from borders and walls, transitioning from lonesome and confined sensibilities towards a feeling of togetherness. 

All models, dancers, performers wore MAISON the FAUX’s interpretation of leisure wear. Home-wear in it’s most ultimate and elegant form. The looks consisted out of two-piece PJ’s, bedroom gowns, negligee sets and a selection of robes combined with sleeping hats and sweaters and T’s with MAISON the FAUX Melatonin graphics. The home-wear looks were styled with various interior products; pillows, duvets, sleep masks and even mattresses.

“There’s no place like MAISON.”

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