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On a special location in the centre of Amsterdam Taiwanese designer Lifu Hsiao presented his debut collection for winter 2010. Everyone gathered in a 17th century cellar underneath a monumental bridge. Thanks to this location there immediately was a good vibe at the show. Some great old sing-a-long songs made it even better.

Hsiao’s collection was youthful and classic at the same time. Colors like yellow, red and blue and a few checked patterns made the collection look like fun. Loose-fitting skirts and blouses gave it a classic look.

Lifu Hsiao gave his designs a very own twist by adding reversed shoulder pads, A-line skirts and lots of zippers.  As a matter of fact the models were all zipped up from their collars to theirs skirts, leg warmers and boots. The clothes were made out of nylons and polyesters combined with wools, silks, and cottons.

Though the press review read highly erotic, we didn’t totally feel that by looking at Hsiao’s collection. Yet it was hard to describe the clothes in one or two words.

Étranger by Lifu Hsiao
Lifu Hsiao (Taiwan, 1980) graduated at the fashion master Fashion Institute Arnhem in 2008. After gaining working experience at Veronique Branquinho in 2009, Hsiao is now launching his own womens label Étranger. With his label, he strives to help women reaching “humanity and emotions” through his designs. Lifu Hsiao works and lives in Amsterdam.

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