Winde Rienstra SS2014 Amsterdam Fashion Week

July 16, 2013 by  
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At Winde Rienstra we were all hanging on the edges of our seats, scared one of the models might take a tumble. Even with the help of the male seaters, who accompanied them and held their hands almost till the end of the runway. That’s how high and uncomfortable the shoes were. They were pretty though, made out of see through crystal-like platforms with touches of blue and green and straps with small wooden balls. Yet without focusing too much on the footwear there were outstanding clothing pieces as well, inspired by abandoned Russian country homes. As a male voice slowly spoke endless lines in Dutch and Russian creations made out of wood and felt very slowly followed each other on the runway. A lot of black felt with white lining, pink degrade and some floral prints were in the mix. Small bags were tossed around the models’ shoulders, blue dots were the accents on a series of looks and golden studs were the detailing on belts and shoulders. The last outfit, a tiny body piece with cut-outs shown by the only model who walked on her bare feet, was completely covered in studs. A Forgotten Path; interesting collection… food for thought.

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