Streetstyle icon: Jenna Lyons

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She has been named one of the most influential fashion people over the last few years. Why? 1. As creative director and president she had no small part in upgrading J.Crew from preppy into a stylish go-to for guys of all ages. 2. She made quirkiness the new hipster (who can actually do that?!) 3. We obviously adore her immens wardrobe and every single piece of it. It’s a little bit offbeat yet very feminine and cool. 4. We really liked her part in GIRLS, as she very convincingly plays Hannah’s boss as GQ editor-in-chief. We want a boss like that too. 5. If we could switch for one day with someone else, it would be Jenna. For sure. If only so we could wear all her clothes and live permanently in NYC.

She’s called ‘the woman who dresses America’. For some pretty good reasons. One of her most -if not the most- clients is First Lady Michelle Obama. Yes, pretty impressive indeed. And it all started with the ‘cardigan-gate’ in April 2009 when Michelle Obama stepped out in a cream-coloured ‘crystal constellation’ cardigan and started a knitwear riot. That same day the cardigan had completely sold out online, caused an endless waiting list and there was only one question to be answered that same hour: “Who’s that brand?” The Answer: J.Crew. The woman who caused all this fuzz: Jenna.

Besides giving others an envious wardrobe, it isn’t any news that Jenna has enviable style herself too. Her signature ‘borrowed from the boys’ looks have been on our fashion radar ever since we first spotted her. If anyone knows how to dress for fashion week, its preppy-with-a-twist-queen Jenna. The trick is to find a balanced mixture between boyish and female and expensive and cheap. And don’t be to perfect, something she praises Lena Dunham for. “I think she’s one of the most courageous women in television today, partially because of that—and she takes a lot of hits for it, too. She looks beautiful, but you can see her skin and you can see that she’s human. That humanness is something that we’re always striving for with J. Crew”, she explains to Into The Gloss. Jenna knows all about imperfections, as she was born with incontinentia pigmenti, a genetic disorder that led to scarred skin, patchy hair, and lost teeth, requiring dentures as a kid.

Some Jenna facts: her wardrobe counts 300 pairs of shoes. She has so many clothes, she needs storage spaces to actually stow it away. One of her indulgences is good underwear (we feel you Jenna). She seems to have an insane collection of ice cream in her fridge (we want to be her best friend). About three years ago her famous Moscot Mensch glasses became unintentionally her signature look, as she needed new glasses and the woman at the store suggested these. She wanted to work in fashion because of her Vogue subscription and her grandma who gave her a sewing machine. And we can’t thank her enough for that.

Streetstyle Icon: Hanneli Mustaparta

When you type Hanneli Mustaparta in Google Search there’s no doubt you immediately get the sense this woman isn’t just someone who happens to be ‘just’ fashionable. Definitely not when you see her in line with other names like Leandra medine, Anna Dello Russo, Elin Kling, Chiara Ferragni and Miroslava Duma. And when you dive in even deeper, you will see she isn’t just a pretty face. Enter Hanneli Mustaparta — the Norwegian born model-turned-photographer, blogger and stylist who took the fashion world by storm.

Her razor-sharp cheekbones and long legs may already reveal her modelling potential. A career she began at the age of seventeen, but after realising that she was “never going to be a supermodel,” she turned the lens on herself. It all started out in New York in 2009 by taking some random pictures of herself and the outfits she was wearing on a daily basis and posting them on her blog Hanneli, where she posts a mix of street style photographs and self portrait shoots. But her taste for fashion and styling wasn’t so random after all as her personal style quickly gained worldwide attention from the fashion media -named by Vogue as one of the most influential bloggers- and before she knew it she became a highly acclaimed street style icon.

Her perfectly styled outfits turned her into a popular staple for street style spreads, but it’s hard to put her in a box as her style is constantly transforming from day to day. She’s a true fashion chameleon who can pull off anything, no matter what colour, fabric or silhouette or which city she’s staying. She switches easily between Scandinavian minimalism, boyish ensembles and romantic flowerpower, combining her favourite fashion labels such as Acne, Prada, Burberry, Miu Miu, Jil Sander, Lover, Mulberry, and Calvin Klein.

In a funny matter, her huge popularity took her into the modelling business again, as she starred in the Diesel Black Gold summer campaign (2013) and appeared on several magazine covers from ELLE to Cosmopolitan. Hanneli, she may not be a Supermodel, but you’re most definitely looking at a Superblogger.

Streetstyle-icon: Christine Centenera

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Christine Centenera, editor for Harper’s Bazaar Australia, always looks unique and flawless and therefore is one of our favorite streetstyle it-girls. She looks classy, but makes sure she adds a nice surprising touch to her looks. She has a cute face and still has some kind of rawness about her. She plays with volume, color and wears the greatest show stopping coats. This lady knows how to unify elegance and edge. No wonder the fashion paparazzi love her so much!

Christine likes anything with a stud on it, is crazy for metal details and claims she can not walk in flat shoes. She loves brands like Therese Rawsthorne and Pierry Hardy, yet you might just as easy spot her in a cool creation of an upcoming Australian designer. ’cause besides writing for Harper’s Bazaar this 30 year old streetstyle sensation also advices young upcoming designers (she even consulted Kanye West for his first collection) and wears their designs on a regular basis.


Exit Carine Roitfeld

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French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld is stepping down after ten years of service. She has decided to focus on her personal projects. Vogue announced she will leave the magazine at the end of January 2011.

On Vogue we read the comment of Jonathan Newhouse, ceo of Condé Nast International:

‘It is impossible to overstate Carine’s powerful contribution to Vogue and to the fields of fashion and magazine publishing. Under her direction, Vogue Paris received record levels of circulation and advertising and editorial success. Vogue Paris has established itself as one of the most iconic magazines in the world, with huge influence in the field of fashion and photography.’

‘Carine herself has become widely known as a beacon of style, fulfilling the role with charm and graciousness. She has become a giant in her profession. Carine will be deeply missed. I am extremely grateful to her for what she has achieved’, Newhouse said.

Roitfeld’s replacement will be announced in the coming weeks.