Backdrop of Viktor & Rolf made by fashion illustrator Piet Paris

October 3, 2010 by  
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For the spring/summer fashion show of Viktor & Rolf fashion illustrator Piet Paris created a wonderful backdrop. The colorful and fashionable illustration looked fantastic and everyone really seemed to love it.

Viktor & Rolf approached Piet Paris, who was their teacher in art school before, for this project, because they love his work. They gave him a short briefing and let Piet Paris fill in the rest of the picture.

So far Piet Paris has worked for big international clients like Vogue, Harpers Bazar, W Magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue. And we think it’s absolutely great that he and Viktor & Rolf worked together on this. It once again proves how much talent we have in the Netherlands.

On 14 October Piet Paris will launch his own book, which will cover his best illustrations from the past twenty years. On that same day he will present a stamp he designed. Backstage at Viktor & Rolf Piet Paris said: ‘I started this year by designing my own small stamp and it’s funny that it seems like it ends with an enormous backdrop of 18 by 6 meters.’