Musthaves Winter 2011/2012

November 14, 2011 by  
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There are a few things every woman should definitely have this winter. Some are more basic than others, but if you’re fashion girl these items are a necessity. They’re fashionable enough to be completely on trend. Yet there also simple enough to be able to mix & match them with items from your own wardrobe.

Our Winter Musthave list contains the following items:

A warm coat can become your best friend in winter. Make sure you buy one that keeps you warm, can last throughout the winter season and is stylish as well.

The minimalistic trend is still hot in fashion land. Make sure you get your hands on the simplest dress you can find and you’ll look effortlessly chic.

A great item to make a fashion statement and a great solution to a bad hair day too. Fedora of Floppy, choose your favorite!

Youthful & innocent; that’s the look you get when wearing a sixties dress. Opt for a version with checks and, if you dare, a Peter Pan collar.

You don’t have to be a bondage fan to pull of this look. Just opt for a cool black leather piece (jacket, dress) and style it in your own way.

(Fake) Fur is hot every winter, yet this time around it’s more colorful and playfull than ever before. If a coat’s too much, just opt for a vest or stola.

The jewel tones, introduced by Gucci, are the colors of this season. Emerald, Citrine, Amethyst or Ruby; pick your favorite!

As if they don’t have enough for their selves this winter the ladies are still borrowing from their men’s wardrobe. A cool masculine suit never goes too waste.

Stella and Marc nailed the polka dot trend with their f/w collections and now we all want to get our hands on this trend. You can see it on dresses, sweaters, skirts and even on tights. Sexy!


Don’t have enough curves of your own? Fake it with a round shaped dress or a jacket with puffy arms. Some shiny version might be your best option.

The forties are back, which means skirt lengths have dropped a few inches. This winter you wear your pencil skirt below the knee.

And while skirts are getting longer, necklaces are supposed to be short. The choker probably is your best option and the coolest way to wear it is over a blouse.

You eather love it or hat it, but busy prints are one of the big trends this winter. Wear multiple prints in one look if you’re a real daredevil.