Alla Kuzmyk + Jose Francisco Ramos SS2014 Amsterdam Fashion Week

July 15, 2013 by  
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The forth day of Amsterdam Fashion Week kicked off with two ‘quickies’; Alla Kuzmyk and Jose Francisco Ramos both presented their small collections during a LAB show.

Peru-based Jose showed a canadian discount viagra online selection of black & off white menswear looks out of his Fragmento collection. Strong models wore a mix of contrasting outfits. Thin, fit sweaters next to stiff, structured pieces with accentuated shoulders and balloon shapes. Airy materials as well as heavy leather. Wide pants paired with black tights. Geometric prints, laser cutting techniques and double face intarsia knitting added an extra futuristic touch to the collection.

Then on to Alla Kuzmyk’s womenswear collection ‘Groteske Glamour’. The Rietveld & AMFI graduate presented nine dramatic romantic womenswear looks. All designed from the same idea (our currents relations towards prescribed drugs and food and what this does to our bodies) yet in a different color palette. Models with futuristic hair wore pants, tops and a series of dresses in remarkable shapes and sizes. Hand dyed colors and humps and bumps on shoulders and backs. Every look was covered in prints with patterns derived from miroscopical views on viruses. Faded shades of red, blue, yellow and grey worked beautifully together in this cohesive, striking collection.