May 22, 2016 by  
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They’ve never really been gone, but on a fashion level hoodies are making a huuuge comeback. Transforming from the ultimate sportswear item (or the best Netflix & chill sweater, if you will) to the chicest outerwear piece of the season. The fact that hoodies are all the rage this season might have something to do with Vetements’ popularity and their focus on this strong streetwear piece. Yet there’s no need to pay over 500 euros to look as cool as Rihanna and Kanye did in their Vetements hoodies. Even one of those oversized, worn out hoodies you still have in your closet might do the trick. Or think about old school sportswear hoodies by Champion, Fila or Adidas. You can even pick one by your favorite artist/band. It’s the attitude that matters most, you know! Besides that a stiff hood and extra long slevees help create the right vibe. Hide yourself a little, act like your camera shy. It’s even okay to put it over your head. It’s what the cool kids are doing. The hoodie combines very well with jackets, trenches and coats. And just like that a grey melange hoodie paired with a woollen camel coat can be the chicest thing. Looking savvy was never this comfy. Question is: are you in da mood?