Didn’t we all dream of rainbow hair as little girls at one point? This summer fashion lovers around the world (and especially in the city of London) seem to be fulfilling that life long dream coloring their hair in the brightest of colors. Not just pink or mint green, but a whole range of shades for that jaw dropping, head turning effect. Anna dello Russo already proved that, styled in the right way (with a printed Gucci dress, that is), a rainbow do can compliment your outfit. Like a brand new it-bag it can create that instant on trend look. Lucky for us professional hair brands are coming up with the coolest inventions to color or chalk your hair for just a short period of time. Whether faded pink or poppy red; anyone can give this beauty trend a go without damaging their hair. Now let’s look for a rainbow dress to match our freshly colored locks, shall we? Rainbows and unicorns, color me blind.