Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Fashion Show Paris SS2011

October 5, 2010 by  
Filed under Fashion, Paris, womenswear

Don’t worry if in the past six months you haven’t had the time to visit the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition. Cause in the show on Monday evening Stefano Pilatti presented the best of YSL all over again.

He created many wow-moments by referring to earlier YSL collections. The trenchcoat, the jumpsuits, the gypsy dresses and the classic suits were all there, combined in this one collection.

The looks were classical and feminine and often showed some skin. Like the backless jumpsuit, the sheer turquoise printed dress and the chic black dress with cutouts and a low V-neck Freja Beha wore.

There was not one look we didn’t like. Yet it could have been a little more modern and cohesive.

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