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True fashion was passing by at the New York runways last week. Where most NY seasons were steady and quiet and new vibes where found in Paris, we now already picked up on some highly influential directions. Here’s our round up so far:

DIGI CRAFT, omnipresent digitised tribal inspirations in techno crafted fabric mixtures:

PRAIRY ROMANCE, touch of nostalgia, devoted to crafts, with some clear inspiration coming from ‘the west’:

Tacky DRESSED-UP looks, showing longer lengths, with quite a dose of reminiscence, here prim and curvaceous, in lovely lush lace looks:

TECH FAB, staging lovely mixtures of high tech fabrics like plastics and latex, mixed with precious wool, silk and laces:

Followed by LUX SPORT, series of luxurious, very feminine, city sportswear, with the parka as hot item, in again interesting mixes of textures:

That might have been IT at New York runway shows; fabric looks where eye-popping.

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