Trussardi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

September 23, 2012 by  
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What better place to hold a fashion party than on a Manhattan building’s rooftop? Right. So for Trussardi Umit Benan Sahin took us there for a cocktail and the presentation of his summer collection. His dress code didn’t exactly read cocktail, though, as models appeared in menswear inspired looks. grandma dresses and sporty casual wear.

Long tailored pants made the model’s legs look sky high as loose fitting tops and jackets gave them a little more ‘body’. Sahin made his Trussardi girls look streetwise too, by playing with leather parts and letting the models walk with their hands in their pockets. Chopped up bangs and shoulders bags added to that effect.

The few dresses maybe added an extra touch of femininity, though the contrast was a bit high compared to the tough street chic looks.

Going Trussardi next summer? Pick your favorite elements (sporty, menswear inspired or vintage chic) and mix ‘em up with your personal wardrobe. Just play around a bit, there’s never just one way of wearing things.



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