Milan Fashion Week FW2018 Trend Recap

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The fashion train has ended at it’s last stop and the fashion crowd is rocking it’s final and most photogenic streetstyles at Paris Fashion Week. But before we discuss what’s new with LV, Givenchy and Chanel, let’s recap what styles Milano brought us for the new season. And there is lots to discuss. Gucci and Prada both scaled down the size of their shows. There were drones (Dolce & Gabbana) and dragons (Gucci) on the runway. We witnessed shows at a race court (Tommy Hilfiger) as well as in a hoarder’s garage (Marni). Bottega Veneta left Milan Fashion Week and Tommy Hilfiger landed his tour in de Italian city. There was a good game of dressing up (Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci) as well as some dressing down (Missoni, Marni). The seventies (Etro, Ferragamo) were a big theme as well as the eighties (Albera Ferretti, Versace). Belts (Marni, Etro) and blankets (MSGM, Jil Sander) both formed big trends as we went from bright and colourful (Moschino) to off colour (Max Mara). Have we sparked your interest yet? Check out our galleries with the 7 biggest fall/winter trends for 2018.

Eighties vibes

Seventies style

Toss on blankets

Colorful eyeshadow

Neon party

Waist belts

Fur real


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