Milan Catwalk Fashion Show fw2010: Prada

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The Prada-show was held in the designers ideal – virtual- world full of facts & figures, info-graphics and spaces. A world that seemsĀ  more appealing to young people who easily absorb all that information. It was the young Miucca was aiming to. The models strolled through the labyrinth of info in their sometimes childlike, polished clothes in bright camouflage-prints or bleached colors, beige and black. The collection had that typical vintage Prada touch – like an old seventies Vogue Homme – without being too dorky. The look was polished, almost synthetic, but the colors (yellow, rose, blue, beige and black) and fractal-camouflage added the right dose of reality and warmth.


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  1. Jelina says:

    these so hot msn

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