Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years

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Wearable art (2015)

Bridal dress for Prinses Mabel van Oranje-Nassau (2004)

Action Dolls (2017/2018)

Porcelain Dolls (2008)










“We often play with the idea of two people being one, or both of us being of one mind, and we play with our image to express that”, said Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren in this weekend’s press conference that formed the kick off of a brand new exhibition on the designer duo. For 25 years (and counting) Viktor and Rolf have been working together creating extraordinary fashion collections and beauty without boundaries. A symbiotic relation in which it’s impossible to see the designer’s separate contributions, as the duo puts it. Every creation, every design, every collection is a result of their joint work and the designer duo has proven to be a super match. And so 25 years after they won three prices at fashion contest Salon Européen des Jeunes Stylistes in Hyères it was time to reflect, to elaborate and to celebrate.

‘Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years’ is curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot (who also curated the globally successful The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk) and based on the Viktor & Rolf exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne but slightly adjusted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the luxury fashion house.

Expect to see the designers most impressive designs and creations among which sixty of their haute coutre dresses. Discover what makes Viktor & Rolf stand out in the fashion industry (their constant interplay of fashion and art). Get blown away by the countless examples of their ‘wearable art’. Learn how their designs speak of the contrast between romance and rebellion, exuberance and control, classicism and conceptualism.

All the highlights of 25 years Viktor & Rolf have found their way into the Kunsthal and so all of the brand’s most iconic designs have been lined up. Like a wide range of the antic porcelain dolls wearing scaled versions of the designers most famous creations. Like the bridal dress covered in countless bows the duo designed for Prinses Mabel van Oranje-Nassau in 2004. Like a costume the designers created for Madonna in 2016. Along with countless other outstanding pieces from much rooted on collections like Bedtime Story (2005), The Fashion Show (2007), NO (2008), Cutting Edge Couture (2010), Red Carpet Dressing (2014), Wearable Art (2015) and Van Gogh Girls (2015). As well as some never shown before pieces from Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2017), Action Dolls (2017/18) and the designers’ latest Surreal Satin (2018).

No need for the Kunsthal to create installations or formations to make things look more interesting, surprising or step away from any ordinary line/sum up of designer clothes. With every creation of every collection already being a piece of art on it’s own this is by far the most versatile fashion exhibition on one fashion house we’ve visited.

Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years
27 May – 30 September
Kunsthal Rotterdam

Pop up
The Viktor&Rolf Pop-Up Store is selling the accompanying anniversary book as well as merchandise like posters, socks, T-shirts, scarfs and bags with the designers original sketches printed on them.

Below our gallery of exhibition images. A must visit if you ask us.


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