Two Legged Creatures Catwalk LAB Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

We can probably all remember the dark, bloody and somewhat uneasy show from last january. Models creating a trail of blood while they walked down the runway, we could’ve almost called it ‘two legged red blooded creatures’. Well, it wasn’t all of that this time. Designer Stefanie Klompenhouwer is unwinding. She found it was time for some serenity, beauty and pleasure. Bring in the euphoria (please, don’t bring up the Loreen song now), in sloooow motion. Perfectly backed up by Baby Alpaca’s Sea of Dreams music track, to create a smashing dreamy vibe.

The show started with two models who soon turned out to be modern dancers. Their (two) legs and arms floating around like walking through a mysterious landscape. A landscape where people are wearing clothes influenced by classical ballet and 90’s club culture (look at those Gwen Stefani/No Doubt hair knots!). Reflecting the contrast between discipline and tradition on the one hand and unbridled freedom, unconstrained by rules, on the other. Metallic blue and orange bomber jackets and skirts are combined with light designs, made of soft, delicate materials in cream and soft pink. Chunky wedges had shiny ballerina ribbons tight around the ankles. “There’s enough in life that can bring us down or stress us out. A moment of serenity, art and beauty from time to time might just be all we need”, the show notes read to us. And for the last 7 minutes we had nothing but that.

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